No Crap Diet Update: Weeks 18 & 19 -- Kickin' Butt

In my last entry, I showed off my superhero outfit on a rooftop pose with my daughter, but I wanted a moment to give you the back view.  Why?  Because I was really, really proud of how great this looked.  

Today's weigh-in: 145.  I am down another pound, and am 10 pounds from my goal weight.  I have lost 19 pounds overall.   I pulled off a spandex superhero outfit at Convergence, and look and feel great.  It was fun having hundreds of people take my photo at the convention.  

I've also had a bunch of minor annoyances disappear from my life since I've gotten back into shape. Getting back into shape is about more than just looking hot.
  • Bouts of depression -- gone.
  • Yeast infections -- gone.
  • Bad menstrual cycles -- greatly lessened.
  • Skin problems -- gone.
  • Clothes wearing out in weird places -- gone.
  • Trouble climbing hills on my bike -- gone.
Heck, even running has gotten easier.  My next mini-goals are to master the crow and side crow poses from yoga.  Why?  Because they are incredibly tough for me, and I think they look cool.

What is happening with all of you?

Share your health and wellness journeys with me.  What are you doing this summer to groove your body?



No Crap Diet Update: Week 17 -- Another pound gone!

Today's weigh-in: 146.  I'm down 18 pounds, with 11 left to my goal.

I'm packing slinky, sexy stuff in my suitcase for Convergence, and am all prepped to wear my painted-on Spandex Super Hero Suit.  Maybe some point soon I will be brave enough to post photos.  Why is it that when I look in the mirror, I see hotness, but when I look at a photograph, I still see a slight stomach pooch and triceps that need work?  

I want to look hot in a photo so that I can show off to everyone.  Or maybe I need to redefine what hot is, so that my mental subset of hotties includes myself.  

I hope to see many of you at Convergence in a few days.  If you need to track me down, here is my schedule:




No Crap Diet Update: Week 16 -- Another Two Pounds Down.

This week, I made some interesting discoveries:
  • My library storytimes are really, really active. Yes, on one level I knew that I did a lot of running and bouncing around with the kids.  I do puppet shows that travel all over the room, and I do lots of fingerplays, marches and dances between stories.  But I didn't know just how active I really was.   My pedometer tells me that I registered over 4,000 steps during my last storytime.  Whoa.
  • I can fit into my spandex superhero suit and look GOOD.  The costume that I ordered is one of those form-fitting things that looks painted on.  When I ordered it, I took careful measurements and than made some estimations of how many inches I would lose before it would arrive.  I was afraid that it would look lumpy and awful on my 45 year old body, and that I would need shape wear to even fit into the thing.  Well, it arrived.  I zipped it up, and it looks awesome.  I showed it to a few trusted friends, and the consensus is that no shape wear is needed.
  • Muscle confusion works.  I've continued the process of continually switching strength workouts.  I've got seven different routines that I switch between -- meaning that I don't repeat a given workout until at least two weeks go by. Since doing this, I've shifted from losing a pound every other week to losing two pounds a week.  My muscles are humming and feeling great.
  • My size 4 jeans zip up.  I don't look good in them yet (too much muffin top) but they zip.  My guess is that I am hovering somewhere between size 6 and 8 now.
  • Fitness is contagious.  Cassie decided that she wanted to go jogging yesterday and borrowed my pedometer so that she could measure how many steps she did.
Today's weekly weigh-in: 147.  I've lost two pounds this week.  I've lost 17 over all, and only have 12 more pounds to get to my goal weight of 135.

It's been a very good week.


No Crap Diet Update: Weeks 14 & 15 -- Down Two More Pounds.

In the last two weeks, I:
  • biked 80 miles in a single weekend;
  • changed up my weight lifting routine;
  • did a few aqua aerobics classes;
  • did a Star Wars Yoga Quest with Geek Physique;
  • continued my normal biking to work and weekly jogging.
Apparently something worked because I am down to 149 pounds.  I hardly ever lose weight when it is "that time of month," but this time I did.

I will note that last week I did not report in.  I weighed in at 152 (up one pound) after 80 miles of biking and eating mostly sensibly and I was too grumpy to post here.  Andy suggested "maybe you gained muscle weight" and I did not believe him until I got out the measuring tape and tried on some of my old pairs of jeans.  After doing this, I decided that the pound I had gained had to be mostly muscle, since I was definitely skinnier.

One of the things that I decided to do this week was to change how I did my weight routines.  Instead of following the same routine for 4-6 weeks, I've decided to try something I've read about: inducing muscle confusion by constantly changing the strength routine.  The idea is that you keep switching between six or so routines, repeating the cycle every two weeks so that your body never gets used to any one given routine.  This makes your muscles "confused" and they have to work harder to keep up.  This is my first week of doing this, and I am definitely feeling the results so I plan to continue the experiment.

This week the weigh in was at 149 -- three pounds down from the previous week.  I am starting to get comments from people about how good I look, so people are finally noticing the changes.  

I am starting to think that the superhero costume will not only be a possibility for Convergence, but that I will look GOOD in it.



No Crap Diet Update: Weeks 12 & 13 -- Down Two Pounds. Yay!

 I missed my weigh-in last week with Memorial Day, but this week I weighed in at 151.  I'm down two more pounds, or 13 overall.  

I lost an inch in my waist, and am starting to see my cheek bones again.  My arms are starting to show a nice muscle definition as well.

Since I am in the middle of judging a record number of entries for the GPS writing contest, I don't have time for a longer entry.

 I will say however that I have given myself a short term goal: I want to look good in a spandex super hero costume for Convergence.  I am turning 46... The days when I can pull off a spandex super hero outfit are likely limited, so why not go for it now?  

Yeah, it's a silly goal, but all that is important is that it motivates me.  What motivates you?


No Crap Diet Update: Week 11 -- Another Pound Gone

I seem to have settled into a pound every other week weight loss schedule.  While I would like my body to move a little faster on this, the overall trend is down and that's a good thing.  NPR ran several pieces on obesity related illnesses this week.  The statistics are grim.  I have been blessed with good health so far, and want to continue the trend.

This week I weighed in at 153 pounds.  I am down 11 overall since starting this weight loss routine.  But let's go beyond the weight numbers.  They're easy to measure, but they don't give the full picture of the transformation that has been happening.

The past week, I've been seeing my stomach flatten and my legs start toning really nicely.  I still have a bit of a pooch, but I am starting to look pretty good, and miniskirts look awesome on me.  I am clearly converting fat into muscle with the strength training.  I've been wearing some of my sexier clothing again, and that feels great.

Speaking of strength training, I've been enjoying the new workout, Joyce Vedral's On the Ball.  The workout is varied, quick, and has some moves I've never seen before.  It is the first time that I have lifted weights to a DVD rather than following exercises from a book.  It is definitely easier to decipher the "how" of an exercise when watching it unfold in front of you.  Likewise, because the DVD was not too polished, I felt like I was doing the workout with two friends -- Joyce and her daughter.  It was quite motivating.  

The only downside might be Joyce Vedral herself.  I still cannot decide whether she is inspirational or annoying.  Perhaps it is best to say that she is both. Joyce is sixty something and looks amazing.  Her body would be the envy of most twenty year olds.  She clearly knows her material and I feel like I am in good hands with her.  On the other hand... Her voice is grating.  She has a heavy Bronx accent, and is so bubbling over with enthusiasm that she can be a bit wearying. (Some of the reviewers on Amazon suggested doing workouts with her with the sound OFF.)   However, I have decided for the moment that the inspiration outweighs the annoyance, and I am even considering getting another DVD by her in four weeks when it is time to change strength training routines.

I have also been loving playing with the stability ball.  It is so much fun to play with, and every book I've consulted so far on how to use it has come up with different exercises for it.  For a cheap piece of fitness equipment, it is really versatile and my god, my abs have really tightened since I started using it.  

So that's the health news for this week.



No Crap Diet Update: Week 10 -- Plateau Again

I have to admit that it was a pretty terrible week for will power.  I broke my diet twice, having three desserts in one weekend, and I missed two strength training sessions and did not do much more cardio than what was required for using the bike as transportation.

Given all that, I must say that I am relieved to have merely plateaued.  My weight is 154.  Nothing lost, nothing gained.

But I've started a new strength training program today (Joyce Vedral's On the Ball Video) and jogged, and am ready to start afresh after a bit of an oops week.

See you all next week.


No Crap Diet Update: Week 9 -- Another milestone

I weighed in today at 154.  That's another pound down this week, and I am down ten pounds overall since I started this fitness effort.  The jeans I was wearing are noticeably looser, and a pair of jeans the next size down zipped up without a problem.  

More importantly, the strength training seems to be having a big impact.  My abdomen is a lot firmer.  This week for the first time in ages I was able to wear a sexy sweater that bares the midriff.  It is really nice to feel sexy again, and I am also noticing that I can do more stuff.  My balance is better.  My stamina is better.  I can ride much faster on my bicycle without getting winded.  

This week, I went to a trampoline park for a child's birthday party and bounced around like a maniac.  It was fun.  Heck, I've even done a little running.  I normally hate running, but I've added it to my fitness mix of activities, and it hasn't been bad.

I will see if I can get a photo or two to show off the changes.  Meanwhile, if you are reading this, what have you been doing lately?  How have you moved your body this week?


No Crap Diet Update: Weeks 7 & 8 -- The Plateau has broken

The astute of you will notice that there was no update for week 7.  That was because I still weighed in at 157 pounds, and was starting to feel like one of the characters in Waiting for Godot.  Nothing was happening, despite my best efforts to get the plot moving.  I had changed up my workout.  I had continued to eat well. I double-checked that I was getting enough protein.  I had gotten a lot of bicycling in, and kept up the strength training, and my body refused to lose any weight.  I had barely enough motivation to continue my diet, but seemed to lack the motivation to report about it.

I know plateaus are a natural and expected part of the weight loss process and I don't mind them when they last only a week or so.  I do mind them when I feel like I was stuck there for a month.  What kept me going through all of this was that I was noticing changes in my muscle tone.  My thighs are firm.  My arms are less flabby, and are starting to show muscle definition.  My waist looks better.  Given that muscle weighs three times as much as fat, I knew that I had to be losing some fat to getting this improved muscle.  Still, my jeans were not significantly looser (as in falling off, my other way of measuring weight loss when the scale is being fickle.)

So what is the weigh-in this week?  155.  I lost two pounds this week, and have lost 9 pounds overall.  I have twenty pounds still to go in my overall weight loss goal.  

What are my health plans this week?  More stability ball exercises.  I like them, they are fun, and I really like what they do for my core.  Definitely more bicycling and other cardio exercise.  Lots of bean dishes and salads.  And who knows?  Maybe next week I'll be down another jean size.  Generally speaking, every five pound loss translates into a jean size for me.  On my short frame every pound makes a huge difference.